Flight schedule

To help you track our progress, here are our scheduled flights. You can follow the flights at FlightAware.

To Kenya:

  • May 13   United Airlines   UA 6500       Pittsburgh to Dulles/Wash DC     600a    702a     1:02 duration

  • May 13   Ethiopian Airlines   ET 501     Dulles/Wash DC to Addis Ababa     1100a   730a    13:30 duration

  • May 14    Ethiopian Airlines  ET 801     Addis Ababa to Nairobi     1040a   1245p     2:05 duration

Return To Ohio:

  • May 31   Ethiopian Airlines   ET 800     Nairobi to Addis Ababa     600p    805p     2:05 duration

  • May 31   Ethiopian Airlines   ET 500      Addis Ababa to Rome to Dulles/Wash DC     1015p   830a     17:15 duration

  • June 1     United Airlines   UA 5850        Dulles/Wash DC to Cleveland      1220p   139p     1:19 duration



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