A free verse poem

To RVA we climbed,
to see the flag raising in the nick of time
The flag was raised while the Kenya anthem played
The melodies echoed across the way

Moffat students came to us
We all sat down and we discussed
As we sat monkeys attacked
we all screamed as a way to react

Then we ventured to Moffat Bible School
A tour we had, the weather was rather cool
We saw the campus, which was filled with bliss
From the students who gathered that we will miss

Our day concluded atop the roof
while we danced and acted like goofs
Neighboring children watched our show and sang
and danced to the tunes that were known

One final meal we ate
then headed to bed before it got too late

We hope you all enjoyed our short poem, now for a real synopsis. In the morning we went to Rift Valley Academy to watch the chapel, which included a flag raising ceremony with the Kenyan anthem. When we returned to the Daraja House we met with students from Moffat Bible College, and we discussed Christianity in eastern Kenya. We also answered questions they had about religion and life in America. At one point five monkeys were climbing in the trees above us as we conversed outside. Our reactions were typical for Americans. Several of us screamed and desired to take pictures.

Next, we visited Moffat Bible College and took a tour of their campus. We viewed their guesthouse, dorms, administration building, library, classrooms, and chapel. During our tour we had the opportunity to talk to some of the students enrolled at the school. We were able to form friendships with the Moffat students and took pictures with them. From the picture included you will see that Africans also enjoy taking goofy pictures.

When we arrived back at the Daraja house for the evening, we went to the rooftop to journal about our day. Kids in neighboring houses began waving at us and quickly got our attention. Naturally, we started dancing to entertain them. Our song selection included: the chicken dance, YMCA, If You’re Happy and You Know It, Deep and Wide, Jesus Loves You, Peace Like a River, and the Macarena. The children began joining in on the dancing and their laughter was contagious (don’t worry, there are pictures and videos of the entire encounter). Our day concluded with our usual debriefing, and then we headed to bed.

Rachel Dawson & Amy Miller


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  4. This is a delightful combination of creative expression and informative summary! The poem captures the excitement of the flag raising, the unexpected monkey encounter, and the rooftop dance party with vibrant imagery and playful rhymes.

    The accompanying synopsis provides a clear and engaging account of your day's activities. It's interesting to learn about the discussions with Moffat Bible College students and the cultural exchange through sharing faith experiences. The detail about the shared laughter and dancing with the neighboring children is heartwarming.

    It's evident that you're not only enjoying the cultural encounters and forming connections but also embracing new experiences with open minds and playful spirits. Thank you for sharing your unique perspective and the memorable moments from your Kenyan adventure
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  5. The Strands NYT flag-raising ceremony, accompanied by the Kenyan anthem, must have been a poignant moment, symbolizing unity and respect for both nations.

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