We made it!

We made it!

That’s probably the most important bit of information—we arrived safely in Kenya with minimal travel problems. By the time we got here we were all pretty exhausted.

Day 1 involved driving out to Kijabe, the town where we’re staying, and settling in at Daraja House. On the way we stopped briefly at a mall to exchange money and at an overlook of the Rift Valley for a few pictures (to be posted later). Even though the weather was cloudy, the view of the valley 2,500 feet below and the mountains on either side was breathtaking.

In the evening we stayed awake long enough to begin processing some first impressions—the traffic and driving in Nairobi, the crowds of people walking along the roads, the security operations in the airports and in the mall, the contrast of wealth and poverty evident everywhere.

Now that the travel is done, we can begin to focus on our purpose in coming. The next couple days will be busy in this area getting oriented to people and ministries around us.


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  3. Congratulations on reaching Kenya safely! It's great to hear that your journey went smoothly and that you're settling into Daraja House.

    The description of your first impressions, from the breathtaking view of the Rift Valley to the bustling streets of Nairobi, paints a vivid picture of your arrival. It's admirable how you're already beginning to process and reflect on your surroundings, acknowledging both the beauty and the complexities you encounter.

    We're all excited to hear more about your upcoming activities and how you'll be connecting with the people and ministries in Kijabe. It sounds like you're embarking on a meaningful and enriching experience, and we're sending you our best wishes for a safe, fulfilling, and impactful time in Kenya.

    Please keep sharing your updates and insights as you embark on this exciting journey
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