First Day

After traveling for 24 hours, 3 different plane rides, and no sleep for 35 hours, we are finally all settled in Kijabe, Kenya and ready for some rest! We have some amazing hosts. They have cooked us some delicious meals! The people down here are so nice. We went on a walk, as a group, and the children loved seeing us! They would always say hi and then laugh. We were so confused as to why they were laughing, but we just laughed with them.

Many of us love the nature here as well! It is a beautiful country! From the trees to the animals, we have seen some amazing things. Carey has been obsessed with bird watching! She has taken a bunch of amazing pictures. Some of us are really starting to like watching birds too!

We are so happy to see what God has in store these next couple of weeks. Stay tuned each night to hear from a different member of our team about what we did for the day. Enjoy some of these pictures as well!


~Jonathan Davis

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  1. Looks great. Enjoy every experience. Kids laugh as an emotional expression of many feelings, including, "Wow, I did that!" They often laugh at places we might cry in a movie.

  2. This place is so beautiful thanks for haring with us. MyAARPMedicare

  3. Welcome to Kenya, team! It sounds like your journey was long and tiring, but you've arrived safely and are already enjoying the warm hospitality of your hosts and the beautiful Kenyan landscape.
    The welcoming nature of the children and the stunning scenery, especially the birdlife captured by Carey's photography, are heartwarming details.
    Your excitement about the upcoming experiences and commitment to sharing them daily through different team members' perspectives are commendable. We're all looking forward to following your adventures and learning more about your time in Kenya!
    Wishing you all a safe, enriching, and unforgettable experience
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