Greetings from Masai Mara!

Today, we left bright and early to experience a different side of Kenya. It was a five-hour car ride, most of which was spent sleeping until we met some true Kenyan roads! As we approached our destination, we came upon a road block: A GIANT MUD PIT. After watching our van nearly tip over avoiding the mud, the rest of the group learned to drive really fast through the center of the pit. It resulted in a funny story and some great pictures!

Once entering the game park, we were greeted immediately by an assortment of critters (although some of us had been looking for birds most of the way). To our amazement, impala, Masai giraffe, zebra and a rare, heavily guarded white rhino were waiting within. For most, this experience stirred emotions, and in my case, resulted in a few tears (guess who wrote this section…). Once at the resort, we settled into our “tents” and proceeded to eat a meal that left many of us too full to move.

Once we were all settled in, we got to experience a wonderful safari. We met many animals within a few feet away from us. I had two favorites. Many of you will be able to guess who is writing this section! We saw hundreds of zebras! The best part was being able to get up close and personal with white rhinos. Considering that they are critically endangered, the fact that we were able to get within 10 feet of them, was pretty gosh darn remarkable. (Don’t worry to all moms and dads out there… We had trained professionals with us… Carey, Michelle and Darcie)

Both vans that went on the safari experienced similar situations, all comparable to the earlier mud pit incident! We were all able to see a wide variety of species and, as we were about to leave, we came together to see a heard of African elephants with a backdrop of the Kenyan sunset. Overall, the day was a success, and Michelle only tried to escape into the wilderness once! (Don't worry, we got her back).

This is the last time blogging for Carey and I. You can only guess why. (That rhymed!!) Well, I am off to make sure she does not run into anymore cactuses.


Jonathan and Carey

IMG_2262IMG_2385IMG_2208 IMG_2269IMG_2408


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