Tiny hands and big smiles

On day six of our adventure, we went to the Lulu House where we spent the day with a group of local children that are supported by RVF. Our team split into two groups after we were introduced to the kids. One group played with the older kids outside and the other did activities with the younger ones inside.

The first group played soccer, ran races, and had a dance competition outside. While we managed to beat the Kenyans at running (minus Jonathan, who lost his final race!), they definitely out-danced us! We might have embarrassed ourselves while dancing for them, but we earned lots of smiles, which made it worth it.

Inside, the younger kids worked on crafts and taught us some of the games they play at school. We didn’t understand much of what they were saying, but it was so much fun to interact with them and earn their trust.

After this, we had the honor of serving all of the women and children of the Lulu House lunch. It was a beautiful moment for our team to be able to serve those who have been serving us. When we were done eating, we closed with prayer and said goodbye to our newfound friends, who we will be seeing again tomorrow.

After we left, we spent a short amount of time visiting with the parents of Esther (one of our hosts). From their beautiful home, we were able to see one of the best views of the valley (pictures will come later), while enjoying a delicious cup of chai tea. Our final stop for tonight was dinner at Isaac and Esther’s house, which consisted of rice, chicken, vegetables, mashed potatoes, potato soup, and fruit salad.

Overall, it was a wonderful day full of smiles, sun and a strong presence of God’s love! We look forward to spending more time with our new friends tomorrow and will be sure to share how our relationships grow.

Kwaheri from,

Carey Titus and Maddie Wagler


Ps: The weather has stayed in the 70’s during the day and the 50’s at night, perfect for our plans! In addition, the only rain we have experienced was during the night and led to a great night’s sleep!






  1. Your adventure sounds amazing. We love reading the blog every day to see what you are experiencing. You are making a difference to all those you reach out to. Can't wait for tomorrow's entry.

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    Your commitment to building relationships with your new friends and learning more about their lives is truly commendable. Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences tomorrow
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