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The team just got back from the Maasai Mara Game Park (idk if that's spelled right). It was absolutely amazing! It was a very fancy resort; every night they put a hot thingy mabob in our beds! We were completely unaware that we were going to such a place, though. Jay and Marcia kept the fanciness a secret. Staying at the resort supported a lot of jobs though, and allowed us to really take in God's incredible creation.

Each day we woke up early (like 6am) to a soft "Jambo" at the tent flap. Then we met in the lobby to get on the Land Rovers that then drove us into the wild. We split into teams; each car had five of us and the driver. Our cars took different paths, and so we saw different things.

However, we all saw the Big Five! (Or in one car's case the big 4 1/2). "The Big Five" refers to major animals in the area that were once hunted for various reasons. They are: Leopard, Lion, Elephant, Rhino, and the Cape Buffalo. (Apparently water buffalo are only in Asia-sorry Veggie Tales fans). One car saw all of these including the leopard, which are very very rare. We were really lucky! And the other car saw all of these except the leopard. However, the second car got to see a cheetah, soo...

Even when we didn't see major animals on the all of safaris, it was still absolutely breath-taking. Driving for an hour without seeing an animal was worth it. It was just so wide open. One could see forever in any direction. The tall grass, mountains, and bush created one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. We all felt very blessed and in awe of how big our Father really is.

Even though it was an amazing experience that we all appreciated, we all felt uncomfortable about being there. We had come directly from the streets of Maai Mahiu, where people sleep on the street and kids have to go to the dump to rummage for food. Meanwhile, we were served four course meals that we couldn't even finish. It was very hard to accept; it still is. We discussed what to do with this dissonance but didn't really have anything conclusive. We decided that we could still treat ourselves, but have to stay aware of what's happening and still do something about it.

Overall, this experience was very nifty. Game parks are a part of this country that we are blessed to have seen. We will carry these memories forever and are all going to come back. We miss everyone a lot though, and can't wait to come home. Enjoy these pics.  Good Night!


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