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Flight schedule

To help you track our progress, here are our scheduled flights. You can follow the flights at FlightAware . To Kenya: May 13    United Airlines   UA 6500       Pittsburgh to Dulles/Wash DC     600a    702a     1:02 duration May 13    Ethiopian Airlines   ET 501     Dulles/Wash DC to Addis Ababa     1100a   730a    13:30 duration May 14     Ethiopian Airlines  ET 801     Addis Ababa to Nairobi     1040a   1245p     2:05 duration Return To Ohio: May 31    Ethiopian Airlines   ET 800     Nairobi to Addis Ababa     600p    805p     2:05 duration May 31    Ethiopian Airlines   ET 500      Addis Ababa to Rome to Dulles/Wash DC     1015p   830a     17:15 duration June 1      United Airlines   UA 5850        Dulles/Wash DC to Cleveland      1220p   139p     1:19 duration  

Team Kenya 2013

Ten students and two faculty will be headed to Kenya next month (yikes!) to study the history of Christianity in Africa. Here's a quick introduction to the group. Becca Bankert is a senior vocal music education major. She will graduate in December 2013 after she student teaches at Orrville City Schools. When not practicing voice music, Becca loves to be outside (biking and playing soccer are her favorites) and she also enjoys playing guitar and ukulele.     Rachel Dawson will be a junior this fall working on a double major in early childhood education and intervention specialist. She has a passion for working with kids and hopes to pursue that calling by working as a teacher in Africa after graduation.     Sadie Eicher will be a senior this fall. She is a communication arts major hoping to pursue a public relations career. Working alongside a nonprofit organization would be her ideal job out of college. For a few years, she has had a desire to travel to Africa, so she is excited