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Sunset on the Mara

Our Wednesday began with the melodic song of the hippotpotumus. We headed out at 6:30am for our wonderful morning safari run, and first thing out of the gate Carey spotted the rare and majestic leopard! Our safari was blessed with everything from hyenas to crowned cranes and though it was an early run it was totally worth it. After a fantastic buffet breakfast we said goodbye to the lovely (though fluffy bunny) safari club and headed all the way back to our second home in Kijabe. Once we arrived, a group of us went to some of the local stores to pick up some chai tea and souvenirs. Then we went back to Esther and Isaac's for dinner and discussion on what we learned while in Kenya, followed by cake and chai. The discussion touched on a lot of deep topics, but these are things we will strive to carry with us for the rest of our lives. Our group hopes to be more humble, relationally oriented, thankful, generous, and aware. Pray for us as we prepare to head out tomorrow with approximat