YOKO (You’re Only in Kenya Once)

This morning we traveled to Naivasha to visit with missionary and journalist Shelley Arensen at his house. Before we began our discussion Patty experienced a piece of Kenya when a safari ant bit her on her big toe.  Arensen, a lifelong resident of Kenya, is the editor of a local magazine called Old Africa, which discusses the history of East Africa. He is a missionary to the Ndorobo tribes and has spent many years building friendships with the people and learning their languages. After the informative discussion we picked up samples of his magazine and sipped a nice, cold glass of limeade.

Afterward we left we headed back to Rift Valley Academy for lunch and a presentation to the high schoolers. They had the opportunity to ask us questions about college life, specifically college life at Malone. While we were there some things we talked about were: our favorite things about Malone, things to do in Canton and basic classroom and campus statistics.

For the rest of the afternoon we had the opportunity to have some free time. We all went to a local store to purchase some souvenirs and gifts for loved ones. The woman acted as if this was the most business she had gotten in awhile by the gratitude she had towards us. She thanked us repeatedly for purchasing her homemade gifts. A few of us went hiking to a waterfall nearby the Daraja house. While we were on our way there a group of children accompanied us. They showed us a vine they liked to swing on over the river and encouraged us all to try. We decided YOKO and got our Tarzan on and did it.

Tomorrow we are looking forward to visiting the Internally Displaced People refugee village and hearing their stories.

Rachel Dawson and Patty Rhinehart


  1. Wow Becca Bankert, does your mom know your doing this? =) Sure looks like fun.
    (Love, Mom)

  2. That looks like fun! I wish I could be out there in Kenya instead of stuck at school all day. : )

  3. Paulette RhinehartMay 22, 2013 at 5:10 AM

    Momma Bear was a little worried about the vine swing but knowing God's Angels are watching over you and keeping you safe in his care my worry was turned over to God. Continue to work hard and have fun. "Lucky"

    Love and miss you so much and can't wait to see pics and hear stories.

  4. This is a fascinating account of your Kenyan adventure, Rachel and Patty! The encounter with the safari ant is a unique and memorable, albeit slightly painful, reminder of the Kenyan wildlife.
    Learning from Shelley Arensen, a lifelong resident and expert on East African history through his magazine "Old Africa," must have been incredibly insightful. His dedication to the Ndorobo tribes and cultural understanding is inspiring.
    Sharing your experiences with the Rift Valley Academy high schoolers through presentations and discussions is a valuable cultural exchange. It allows you to connect with the younger generation and potentially spark their aspirations for further education.
    The free time activities, from supporting the local souvenir shop owner to the impromptu Tarzan adventure with the children, showcase your cultural immersion and willingness to embrace new experiences.
    We look forward to hearing more about your visit to the Internally Displaced People refugee village tomorrow. Your empathy and interest in their stories are commendable.
    Thank you for sharing your diverse experiences, Rachel and Patty
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