Seeking the lost

When one of our vans broke down today, half of the group had to wait on the road until the second van could return for us.

At church we sang in three languages (Kikuyu, Swahili, English), and Isaac Munji preached on the parable of the lost coin and the lost sheep. Isaac dropped coins in the field and the entire congregation searched for them, reinforcing his message. Normally we think of ourselves as the lost coins or sheep that Christ searches for, but Isaac introduced a different concept, that we should be going out to search for the lost sheep in Maai Mahiu, Canton, and the world.

After church, the entire congregation, adults and children, gathered to share lunch. We sang songs, had our hair played with, and spent time laughing and playing with the children for the last time.

Later in the day, during a hike down the mountain, a pair of sheep with a trailing goat meandered away from their herder. Even after they disappeared in the bushes we could hear the goat crying before we turned around and saw the herder coming to find them.

--Christina Stump

P.S. We updated a couple pictures from yesterday's entry. Check them out.

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