Wild animals . . . lots of them

It was early and sunny morning and we saw them. Lions! A male and a female on their honeymoon. The majesty that was presented in them was stunning. It is one thing to see them in a book, but it is another to see them mere feet in front of you. We had been there for only moments when the male stood up and begun to walk towards us. Corri, Kayla and Naomi all became skittish, and Jonathan and I became excited. His royalty came and brushed up against our Land Rover. After that we saw a many more beautiful creatures in the Mara. From elephants to zebra, the morning was not boring. After the ride we came back and relaxed poolside.



We hung out at the pool for a while, while some swam, some laid out, while others played Euchre. Apparently being on the equator means you have to apply sunscreen every five minutes or some people get awful sunburns . . . aka me. After relaxing for a few hours, we went on our afternoon game ride. We saw more lions, baboons, secretary birds, and a large herd of dozens of elephants! We ended our safari watching the sun set over the acacia trees where zebras were grazing.



When we got back form the last night ride we retreated to our rooms for showers and a short time of relaxation. After that we joined in the lobby of the resort for our last dinner here. This dinner in some sense foreshadowed our departure for home. Laughter from memories of the past week filled the air. Even though we have two days until arrival at home we are feeling that this is the end; or at least we see the end in sight. Tomorrow morning we will have a chance to go on one more game drive and our hopes are to see cheetah. After that we will head back to Kijabe and spend our last day with Isaac and Esther.

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