First Day

Hey guys! We finished up our first day in Kenya! After landing at the airport in Niarobi, we stayed overnight at a guest house nearby. Now, we are staying at a guest house in a small town called Kijabe, at a bible college. During our first day, we visited a ministry in Maai Mahiu called Rift Valley Fellowship. We will be working with them throughout the week. This ministry works with youth throughout Maai Mahui, and their families. They rescue boys and girls off the streets and connect with their mothers, who often go into prostitution.

There have been exceptional amounts of rain, so the roads have been eroded in parts, causing our journey in the vans to be quite eventful! On the way to Maai Mahiu, we passed the second biggest slum in Africa. This slum stretched for miles, which was very eye opening and incomprehensible. After visiting the ministry, they took us out to eat to a restaurant called Cafe of Ubuntu. This cafe supplies the water that we drink here! After eating, they showed us the area they rescue the homeless boys and girls from, and the home they provide for them. Rift Valley Fellowship also feeds them, provides counseling and helps put them through school.

After a long journey back to our guest house, we were able debrief about everything we saw. We are processing what it is like to be a minority and learning so much about this culture and the ways God is working through it!



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